Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, non-painful technique performed with high-frequency sound waves, unable to be heard by the human ear. Real-time images of soft tissue and bone structures in the foot are obtained as the sound waves bounce off these structures, and the echoes are interpreted as images on a video screen. Many patients are familiar with this technique used during pregnancy to visualize their child.

Ultrasound imaging allows the foot specialist to confirm a diagnosis in real time, and therefore prescribe a treatment plan faster than traditional methods. Ultrasound is usually used in the diagnosis of soft tissue problems such as:

Soft tissue masses

Foreign bodies



Tarsal tunnel syndrome

To guide injections

A new wound classification is being developed based on ultrasonography.

Ultrasound is safe and much cheaper than MRIs and CAT scans. There are no contraindications. Ultrasound does not produce radiation, or magnetization - pacemaker and pregnant patients are perfectly safe to undergo an ultrasound.

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